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24/7 Mobile Mechanic Auckland

Vehicle Inspections from$140* (mechanical only)  $165 ( comprehensive)

Vehicle inspections

Via Picoscope Currently the most advanced diagnostic software available in New Zealand.
Vehicle  Inspections from$140* (mechanical only) 
$165 ( comprehensive)

24/7 breakdown

no extra fees.$80 Call out includes half an hour labour
Vehicle Inspections from$140* (mechanical only) 
$165 ( comprehensive)

Mobile Mechanic
Repairs and service

At your home or office at competitive rates
Vehicle Inspections from$140* (mechanical only) 
$165 ( comprehensive)

Inspections include
Rust and Repair scanning

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What makes us a better choice ?
What makes us a better choice when you need a pre-purchase vehicle inspection or vehicle repair?
I would highly recommend Incarautos to anyone. I can’t sing his praises enough…
Natasha Hygemann

Why choose us


Welcome to Auckland’s Comprehensive Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections!

You might be asking yourself, what makes us so different from all the other car inspection companies? Why should I give them the task and trust along with your hard earn cash to check my next potential vehicle purchase?

Your answer will lie somewhere along the lines of quality, perfection, experience, knowledge and TRUST!

Unlike the others, we are 100% truly independent and DO NOT have any affiliation with any car dealers, OR any other parties, do not leave any flyers or card at ANY yards – We truly work for our clients and provide a tailor-made service covering all mobile car/vehicle pre purchase inspections which are private and confidential unless specified or have safety issues that need to be declared to the seller.

Incar’s qualifications and knowledge is incapable of today’s modern-day technologically advanced vehicles – which by far exceed basic mechanical knowledge and requirements that are found in other companies. We are always updating our knowledge, skills & equipment to comply with all current modern day vehicles, makes and models.

We are known and have become reputable for taking the inspection process to the next level and going way beyond the expected – We thrive for attention to detail and provide a unique specialised service which exceeds the general “once over” which is the industry standard. Every inspection is taken very seriously and we cater to all of our client’s requests.

Our end goal is to provide our clients with the best possible service and information to have a clear understanding of the vehicle’s status and eliminate the guessing game. We carry out vehicle inspections on most makes and models.

Give Carl a call today & experience the difference…

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