Pre Purchase Inspections


My name is Carl, i’m a fully qualified mechanical engineer and now a level 5 EV and Hybrid tect and I specialize in pre-purchase inspections in Auckland with 30 years of hands-on experince.

I entered this field due to the lack of regulatory standards, which was concerning. Since then, I have raised the bar for inspection standards to an unprecedented level, causing ripples throughout the car dealer network. Despite facing bans and physical and verbal assaults from sellers, I, as a proud country boy from Ohakune with strong values, stood tall to protect my clients’ interests.

Welcome to Auckland’s most Comprehensive Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections! What sets us apart from other car inspection companies is our commitment to quality, perfection, experience, knowledge, and most importantly, trust. Unlike our competitors, we are completely independent and have no affiliations with car dealers or any other parties however Incar maybr recommeded to clients as the MOST crediable inspection company by in my opinion some of the most honest and transperant car dealers. But i work solely for our clients regardless of recommendations and provide tailored, private, and confidential mobile car/vehicle pre-purchase inspections.