Pre purchase inspection travelling fees

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Due to traffic congestion inspections will need to be started before 2pm which will enable us to finish 4-4.30pm for the following areas- Northshore, West Auckland, South Auckland, during week days but weekends inspections can be carried out up to dusk.

Travelling fees East Auckland (7 days- to dusk)

  • East Tamaki $8
  • Botany $10
  • Howick $10
  • Greater East Auckland please call

Travelling fees South Auckland 

  • Flat bush $12
  • Manukau $12
  • Takanini $15
  • Papakura $20
  • Drury $30
  • Pukekohe $70
  • Waiuku $90
  • Greater South up to Hamilton, Thames etc. please call

Travelling fees Northshore Auckland

  • Birkenhead $15
  • Glenfield $15
  • Albany $20
  • Browns bay $25
  • Long bay $25
  • Silverdale $70
  • Orewa $90
  • Whangaparāoa $100
  • Gulf Harbour $120

Travelling fees West Auckland 

  • New Lynn- $10
  • Glen Eden $15
  • Henderson $20
  • Ranui $25
  • Hobsonville $20
  • Kumeu $40

With much regret we have to charge traveling fees where applicable

Incar requires sellers contact details to arrange inspection date and approximate time

Please do not arrange the inspection for me, I understand buyers try to ease the booking process by making appointments but since we are doing the inspection and know our own schedule, we need to organize the pre purchase inspection directly with the seller.

Also, this gives us the opportunely to inform the seller what is required in terms of space, surface hardness, natural lighting and most importantly our own safety especially when inspecting vehicles on public roads.

At any stage if the seller disagrees and forces us to in-danger our safety the inspection will be stopped but we will consider all options before cancelling.

Unfortunately travelling all over Auckland is time consuming, for buyers outside of Auckland traffic can be free flowing then totally jammed within minutes, it may take 30 minutes or in some cases 2 hours to get to inspection sites, you will not be charged any extra regardless, we will contact and update sellers for approximate ETA on day of inspection.

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About Incar

Fully independent, Highest rated vehicle inspection company in NZ by clients on google places!!

100% transparency, Lake rd Bp 1994-1995, Morrin rd Automotive 1995-2004 (NZQA qualified), Incar Racing Sydney 2004-2007 (MVRIA qualified) Three Kings Automotive 2007-2008, Incar Automotive 2008.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

This service is a complete high-end and extremely detailed, easy-to-understand pre-purchase vehicle inspection service.

Pre-purchase car Inspections are carried out and prepared to exceed all customer requirements, to a level where clear decisions can be decided based on the report, and are highly respected if need be in NZ court of law.

For EVERY client either with no vehicle knowledge to the most discerning buyers who need the most stringent pre-purchase vehicle inspection currently offered in the industry! Today’s modern vehicles are extremely complex hence why inspections can not be completed in 15mins-1.5 hrs correctly with limited equipment without compromising critical areas.

Don’t stress if you have very limited car knowledge, i will summarise everything into an easy-to-read colour-coded summary with an open line for any discussions anytime, no problem at all.

Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid and Electric vehicles. All pre-purchase vehicle inspections include full Dealership level diagnostic scan reports (vehicles up to 2023) Picosope diagnostics for engine tests (used by 20 car manufacturers), relative compression tests (except Ev and some hybrids) cylinder balance tests, body examination report, road tests, brake tests using state-of-the-art tri-axis decelerometer, instrument cluster activation, km authenticity checks, ALL inspections are SAFETY checks, plus numerous other checks. 

$1mil public liability cover + full cover for test driving and carrying out pre-purchase car inspections to $1mil, please advise sellers.

Ready to book?

Feel free to either call, text or email, I’ll need vehicle details, seller’s details and I’ll arrange it directly, it’s that simple!