Pre Purchase Inspections

EV’s hybrids petrol & diesel vehicles

Hassle free mobile inspections, at sellers location Auckland wide.

On sale 2-3hrs free of my expertise and 29 years experience.

  • NZQA L5 EV/hybrid qualified EV technician
  • NZQA L4 qualified Mechanical Engineer
  • Worlds most advanced equipment
  • NZTA registered and Incar Assured
  • MTA (very low standards)

How do our Pre Purchase Inspection work?

Contact me via phone, text, email or booking link, supply all relevant details and I will arrange a day directly with the seller to perform the practical inspection

Mechanical and full Inspections take 2-3.5 hours at the vehicle an additional 2 hours preparing reports, delivered within 24 hours.


Exterior/interior examination

Full inspections include extensive exterior and interior examination with 3D body scan report, hundreds of high definition pictures

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Intelligent diagnostic scan

inspections include the worlds most advanced daignostic scanning retrieving data from all on-board computers- PDF reports 

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Exterior/interior examination

Relative compression, cyclinder balance, cooling system, a/c, head gasket , brake fluid, coolant tests, air filter, hoses +more.

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How much do pre purchase inspections cost

EV/Hybrid option 1 $165, Option 2 $250+$65, Option 3 $275+$65

Traditional Petrol/Diesel Option 2 $250, Option 3 $275, Euro, luxury, 7 seaters etc add $25

EV Hybrid Option 1 $165

 This option is for high voltage systems only when you require HV battery health checks, hybrid battery tests, SOH life remaining percentage. It includes state-of-the-art EV Hybrid scanning for true battery pack health reports, videos, PDF reports, test drive, brake testing, thermal imaging tests, and more. 

EV Hybrid Option 2 $250 +$65

Full mechanical inspection plus EV or Hybrid inspection (save $100) includes all of option 1. Hybrid vehicles include all mechanical and electrical components, engine testing, cooling system, A/C system, brakes, suspension, tires, vehicle body and structure, rust, water damage plus more.

EV Hybrid Option 3 $275 plus $65

Full 360-degree inspection, including option 1 and 2, as well as a comprehensive interior inspection. This goes beyond a visual examination and includes thorough function tests of all interior components, safety items,  You can expect numerous high-definition pictures of the interior, and much more.

Tradition vehicles Option 2 $250

Includes a full mechanical inspection, excluding the interior. The inspection consists of a full body examination with a detailed report, diagnostic scanning, compression tests, cylinder balance tests, vehicle lifting, WOF items, and brake testing plus much more 2-3hrs plus 2 hrs for report

Traditional vehicles Option 3 degree $275

Full 360-degree inspection, which includes all of option 2, plus a detailed and function test of all interior components. hundreds of HD pictures, videos, laser tyre and brake disc report, thermal imaging tests of the heater system, a 3D body examination, and much more.

Looking to make a confident vehicle purchase? Look no further! we provide the most comprehensive and detailed car inspections in NZ for delivering the most detailed inspections that will give you peace of mind.

My name is Carl i’m highly qualified with NZQA level 4 mechanical and NZQA level 5 EV/Hybrid electrical engeering qualifications, 29 years experience in the Automotive industry.

My service goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations, delivering detailed reports utrilizing the most advance state-of-the-art eqiupment avaliable in the world.

For petrol to diesel, hybrid to electric vehicles, we cover it all.

With our easy-to-understand and color-coded reports, even if you have limited car knowledge, you’ll be able to make informed decisions. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – contact us today and experience the difference with Pre Purchase Inspections Auckland.

Vehicle we no longer inspect

  • European cars older than 2018
  • USA vehicles older than 2018
  • Vehicles older than 2010
  • back packer vehicles
  • No Singapore/ Australian vehicles
Ready to book the most comprehensive pre purchase inspection in NZ- click here and fill out the form, i will get an instand message.
Welcome to Pre Purchase Inspections Auckland, your trusted source for thorough vehicle inspections. I’m an experienced professional committed to providing you with the most comprehensive and detailed reports in NZ, so you can make informed decisions when purchasing a car. From pre-purchase inspections on standard vehicles to specialized tests and diagnostics for EVs and hybrids, we’ve got you covered with the world’s most advanced high voltage systems diagnostics and testing equipment. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Contact us today to book your inspection and ensure that your next car is everything you’re looking for.
To schedule a Pre-Purchase Inspection, simply contact us through phone call, text message, or email. Our contact details are 027 69 46 227 or 027 NZ INCAR email International clients can also reach us at +64276946227. We only require the seller’s and vehicle’s details, along with your phone number and email address (preferably Gmail, due to the extensive information provided). Please choose one of the three available inspection options (Option 1, 2, or 3), and leave the rest to us. Feel free to give us a call to discuss any concerns or queries you may have.

Why choose us! 4-5 hrs inspections!

  • Morrin rd Automotive NZ 1995-2004
  • Incar Racing Sydney 2004-2007
  • Tree kings Automotive NZ 2007-2008
  • Incar Automotive 2008- present

Revolutionizing the way vehicles are inspected since 2008!

We have the knowledge, experience, trust and integrity within the Automotive industry in NZ a with 29 years’ experience as a qualified mechanical engineer!

  • NZQA- New Zealand Qualified
  • MVRIA- Australian qualified
  • Registered and assured with
  • NZTA- NZ transport agency
  • MTA- Motor trade association- cancelled because of deceptive behavior by another pre purchase inspection company- SHOCKING

We can inspect EV's & Hybrids cars

New energy vehicles!

New Zealand is rapidly transitioning towards a low emission transport future, which includes the uptake of EVs, PHEV’s and Hybrid’s, Incar has moved into this area some 10 years ago so we have the knowledge and expertise to fully asses EV’s and Hybrid vehicle.

  • New Zealands first EV & Hybrid scan tool
  • New Zealands only EV and Hybrid scan tool
  • Battery pack analysis for true state of health
  • the most advance H.V inspection in NZ
  • Video of battery pack health inspection

We can inspect Petrol & Diesel's

With 29 years of hands-on experience in the automotive industry I have truly mastered petrol and diesel engines, experienced in standard petrol and diesel engine rebuilds from excavators to minis I have rebuild thousands of engines as well as working at Incar Racing in Australia for some years building drag racing, street performance engines with numerous cars feathering in Australia’s hottest car magazines!

How much does it cost for the most comprehensive Pre purchase inspections to ever exist in NZ

Traditional Petrol and Diesel vehicles

Option 2 $250
full mechanical inspection (excludes interior) European cars, V6/8, luxury SUV, 7 seaters etc add $20

Traditional Petrol and Diesel 360'

Option 3 $275
360 degree bumper-bumper inspections,  European cars, V6/8, luxury SUV, 7 seaters etc add $20

100% Genuine positive reviews

Our positive reviews are 100% genuine and from clients whom i have inspected and composed reports which represents 4-5 hrs, with videos uploaded of actual tests carried out to prove authenticity, We do NOT buy google reviews!
Plus travelling fees


for example, Albany $20, Henderson $20, Papakura $20, Botany $10, Waiuku $80, Whangaparāoa $80, for extended areas please enquire.
Practical inspections take 2-3 hrs, reports take 1.5-2hrs to prepared (not in minutes) and email overnight from 9pm-4am
Remember you are spending a considerable amount of your money!
Due to non-payers, payment due before inspection, secured transaction.
Why choose us? 
We have 3 visionary stages which will be implemented throughout 2023 for EV/Hybrids vehicles!
  1.  NZ’s first EV scan tool- done
  2.  Coming soon
  3.  Late of 2023
We don’t not leave any flyers or business cards at any car yard.
We do not work with any car yard… this type of behavior only leads to benefit the seller and inspection company.
However. there will be instances where Incar will be recommended, reason being is quality car yards want the most stringent inspection possible.
We have the technology, experience and expertise. well respected in the industry, most decent car dealers insist on accurate reporting before sale.


Check out our portfolio
All inspection pictures are time stamped for actual time spend at vehicle.
12,765 inspections completed, $184 million worth of transactions based on our pre purchase inspections and reports. Trusted true track record since 2008, search Incar automotive.
Fully equipped van. 
Over 100k worth of stock/tools/equipment including the world’s first EV and Hybrid intelligent diagnostic scan tool with cloud assistance which gives us access to the world’s top repairers.
Inspections include but not limited to.
Unlimited point system unlimited time at vehicle 2,3, hrs etc.
300-1000+ HD photos
-full test drive, engine performance, transmission performance
-EV-Hybrid test drive, EV mode, regenerative braking etc.
-braking tests- wof regulations
-full body examination and scan for repairs with pdf report
-50-400 HD pictures of exterior, marks, dents, panels, paint etc
-full interior examination 100-500 pictures- functions operating
-state-of-the-art topology intelligent diagnostic scanning to 2023
-numerous pdf reports, engine live data, km authenticity check
-12v battery, starter motor, alter tests, with pdf report
relative compression (video) tests, cylinder balance tests
-thermal imaging for heater, hot/AC, rear demister, heated seat, heated mirrors etc
-laser tyre and brake disc report
-12v battery, starter motor and alternator reports
-km authenticity check,
-dash cluster activation (video)
-cabin filter
EV/Hybrid battery pack report
EV/Hybrid  battery SOH (where applicable)
EV/Hybrid fan, inverter activation (video)
EV/Hybrid live data, filter inspection
Please Read, vehicles no longer inspecting- European vehicles older than 2017, All freedom camper vehicles, Singapore imports, Australian damaged and repaired imports. No truck gross weight exceeds 4.5 ton
For in-depth details please refer to click on link below (example of inspection report coming soon)
3,500 plus video’s, evidence of tests actually carried out
NZ’s first EV and Hybrid diagnostic intelligent scan tool has landed, unlike dealership specific scan tools which are only compatible for that make, this new tool covers 95% of the worlds manufactures.
Please refer to for coverage and updates!
The EV and Hybrid revolution has started in NZ with approximately 100 models being released worldwide in 2023!
Incar is proud to be the first Automotive company to take pre purchase inspections into the future with investment in the latest technology this year exceeding $43k! only the best for my clients!
High voltage battery analysis without removing battery, we offer this for free with all electric and hybrid vehicle inspections via OBD port!
We are currently working with the best car yards in my opinion in Auckland testing electric and hybrid vehicles, testing popular makes and models regarding direct high voltage connection for further battery analysis, as different vehicles will require components being removed and will be time consuming so detailed prices to come!
Isolation of high voltage battery pack required, being a mobile service environment, an location must be safe and dry, safety PPE and procedures need to be adhered to as high voltage components can cause fatal shock, explosions or fire.
Vehicle coverage- Toyota, Tesla, Audi, BMW, Honda, VW, Nissan, Lexus, Hyundai, Kia, Skoda, Great Wall, Ford, GM, Mini, Renault, Byd, Geely, Emgrand, plus 16 more manufactures. excludes micro/mild/IMA assist systems.
My credentials   Previous Employment-  Morrin rd. Automotive Panmure Auckland. General vehicle’s petrol/diesel, NZQA certification gain in automotive engineering.
Incar racing Sydney- Head engineer, performance/street/drag/show cars, my workmanship has featured in some of Australia’s hottest car magazines, MVRIA Australian qualification gain.   Three kings Automotive Auckland. General repairs petrol/diesel
Incar Automotive was established in 2008, 08-2010 on call 24/7, contracting for an infrastructure company, general repairs, petrol, diesel, diggers, trucks and heavy equipment.
2010-present, mobile mechanic but now solely focused on Pre-purchase vehicle inspections.
Over 100k worth of stock/tools/equipment.
Past wof inspector, warrant of fitness standards reference- VIRM (vehicle inspection requirements manual) wof standards manual.
Note- Comprehensive pre purchase vehicle inspections is a registered company name, and the phrase (comprehensive pre-purchase vehicle inspections) must not be used beyond the legal limits of NZ law.
For further updates please visit the official website
Kind regards Carl.

Comprehensive and clear car inspection reports

Our pre-purchase inspection reports are extremely thorough and intuitive, giving you both the highlights and micro details so you will have the full condition report. With this information, you may be able to use it as leverage to negotiate a better price! Every report also includes ongoing support from Carl the expert inspector, always here to support you along every step of your car inspection journey.

2-3 inspections per 18 hour days

Limited to 2-3 inspections per day.

High definition photo's taken from every angles

Our car inspections are extensive, i have an eye for detail so if there is a stone chip you will get a picture! this comes from building show cars in Australia, ensuring you get a complete top-down, front-rear pre-purchase vehicle inspection so you’re aware of any potential damage the vehicle has incurred either structural or cosmetic. body examination reports will be emailed to you in pdf format.

300-1000 plus HD pictures

Unlimited pictures
Why choose us (me)

My name is Carl, I have 28 years of experience as an automotive engineer, qualified with NZQA and MVIR (Australia) certificates, pasted wof certifier. So from the first phone call to the practical inspection, preparing reports, answering all questions you will deal with me, i also write and develop all my online presence hence always under construction, as well as research and development, my aim is to always raise the inspection standards.

How much do pre purchase car and vehicle inspections cost?

See below for details, once you have decided which option you require all I need is the seller’s contact details (requirement) the vehicle details e.g number plate number but if unregistered then the last 6 digits of the VIN number, stock number, link to vehicle etc, once received I will arrange the inspection directly with the seller, easy. 

Full mechanical inspections $250

Japanese/Korean?Chinese vehicles, example Aqua, Corolla, Fielder, Axela, Demio, Prius, Fit, Jazz, Note and so forth, this inspections excludes checking all interior functions so if you are happy with interior then this option will suit, note- boot structure, dash instrument cluster checked, including test drive etc- 3.5-4 hours including report.   

Full bumper to bumper inspection $275

Japanese/Korean?Chinese vehicles, example Aqua, Corolla, Fielder, Axela, Demio, Prius, Fit, Jazz, Note and so forth, full pre purchase inspection but includes interior, this is the complete inspection service and ideal for buyers who can not view and test drive the vehicle, if there id a stone chips the size of a pin head you will get a picture.

Euro mechanical car inspection $260

European/USA vehicles, example Vw, Audi, Mercedes, Landrover, Jeep, Ram, Dodge, Skoda etc, full pre purchase inspection but includes interior, this is the complete inspection service and ideal for buyers who can not view and test drive the vehicle, if there id a stone chips the size of a pin head you will get a picture. 4-5 hour

Euro Full car inspection $285

European/USA vehicles, example Vw, Audi, Mercedes, Landrover, Jeep, Ram, Dodge, Skoda etc, full pre purchase inspection but includes interior, this is the complete inspection service and ideal for buyers who can not view and test drive the vehicle, if there id a stone chips the size of a pin head you will get a picture. 4-5 hours

Hybrid and Electric vehicle pre purchase inspections $165

If you are just looking for a hybrid system or electric vehicle system only pre purchase inspection, i offer this service seperately which is common if the vehicle has been inspected as some companies dont have the capabilites to carry out proper testsing for example diagnostic reports, live HV battery live data download and data valutaion, HV system activation with video recording uploaded to youtube, HV battery stress testing, charging and discharging tests etc.

Travelling fees, prices all include gst,
Albany $20, Henderson $20, Papakura $20, Botany $10, Waiuku $80, Pukekohe $70, Glendene $15, New lynn $12, Wairau $12, Manukau $10, Takanini $15

Cancellation fee, within 24 hrs of the confirmed time/day an $80 fee will be charged.

Method of payment:
Internet bank transfer, cash. gst invoice provided.
Due to non-payers, payment is now due before inspections are carried out.

Relative compression tests

FREE! Petrol and diesel relative compression tests, some Hybrids n/a, see link for more details.

Thermal Imaging tests

Thermal imaging tests with mechanical and 360 degree inspections

Diagnostic scanning

Dealership level diagnostic scanning
About to buy a used car? we can inspect your next purchase and provide you with a comprehensive car inspection report, video, diagnostic report, live engine data reports, body examination report, relative compression video, brake testing results, Hybrid battery tests and reports, Electric vehicle battery tests and reports, photo portfolio of 300-1000+ high-definition pictures.

Our pre-purchase inspection report provides you with a detailed analysis of all mechanical components, electrical systems, body panel repairs, interior condition, and plus much more.

Pre-purchase inspections take approximately 2-3 hours to thoroughly do each inspection plus 1.5-2 hours to prepare report with easy-to-read colour coded summary which is completed overnight.

I will explain the report in a language you can understand and always provide you with friendly advice and ongoing support while purchasing the vehicle. With your easy-to-read inspection report and photographic portfolio, we can offer you the most comprehensive and accurate car inspection report on the market for the price guaranteed! This will ensure you receive all the information you need to make an informed decision before buying your next car.

Comprehensive pre-purchase vehicle Inspections is one of the most trusted and experienced car inspection services in New Zealand. We carry out independent vehicle inspections on all makes and models whether buying a used car from a private seller, car dealer, or at auction. We offer the best value car inspection reports on the market at the most competitive rates below.

So, let us help you make the right decision and take the guesswork out of buying your next car.

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About Incar

Fully independent, Highest rated vehicle inspection company in NZ by clients on google places!!

100% transparency, Lake rd Bp 1994-1995, Morrin rd Automotive 1995-2004 (NZQA qualified), Incar Racing Sydney 2004-2007 (MVRIA qualified) Three Kings Automotive 2007-2008, Incar Automotive 2008.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

This service is a complete high-end and extremely detailed, easy-to-understand pre-purchase vehicle inspection service.

Pre-purchase car Inspections are carried out and prepared to exceed all customer requirements, to a level where clear decisions can be decided based on the report, and are highly respected if need be in NZ court of law.

For EVERY client either with no vehicle knowledge to the most discerning buyers who need the most stringent pre-purchase vehicle inspection currently offered in the industry! Today’s modern vehicles are extremely complex hence why inspections can not be completed in 15mins-1.5 hrs correctly with limited equipment without compromising critical areas.

Don’t stress if you have very limited car knowledge, i will summarise everything into an easy-to-read colour-coded summary with an open line for any discussions anytime, no problem at all.

Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid and Electric vehicles. All pre-purchase vehicle inspections include full Dealership level diagnostic scan reports (vehicles up to 2023) Picosope diagnostics for engine tests (used by 20 car manufacturers), relative compression tests (except Ev and some hybrids) cylinder balance tests, body examination report, road tests, brake tests using state-of-the-art tri-axis decelerometer, instrument cluster activation, km authenticity checks, ALL inspections are SAFETY checks, plus numerous other checks.

$1mil public liability cover + full cover for test driving and carrying out pre-purchase car inspections to $1mil, please advise sellers.

Ready to book?

Feel free to either call, text or email, I’ll need vehicle details, seller’s details and I’ll arrange it directly, it’s that simple!