Pre purchase inspections for EV and Hybrids 

from just $165

Specialists Hybrid and Ev Vehicle inspections


We offer a fully comprehensive pre purchase vehicle inspection which covers all aspects of the vehicle including the hybrid/Ev electric system, hybrid/Ev battery pack, drive motors, inverters, charging system and battery regeneration.

Mobile Hybrid and Ev inspections

Pre purchase car inspection checks can be carried out at car dealers premises or private sellers home/work place. Your potential purchase will be subject to a unlimited point system.


Specialists Hybrid and Ev Vehicle inspections, We have a 5 stage vision for EV and Hybrid inspections

Stage 1- Incar introduced Nz to the world’s first EV and Hybrid diagnostic intelligent scan tool Dec 2022

Stage 2-Incar introduces Nz to our 2nd Ev and Hybrid scan tool June 2023

Stage 3-Incar introduces NZ to the first dynamic EV and Hybrid testing with our 2nd state of the art EV scan tool

Stage 4- end of 2023

Stage 5- 2024

Welcome to our NEW ENERGY page!

Unlike dealership specific scan tools which are only compatible for that make, our new scan tools covers 95% of the worlds manufactures plus we can retrieve MORE information than actual manufactures!

looking for the most advanced EV or Hybrid pre purchase inspection in NZ?

I personally guarantee no other inspection company has the equipment to deliver true battery pack health like Incar

Be very wary of false claims using free or cloned apps being marketed as the most accurate checks in NZ, these are misleading claims designed to fool unexpecting customers.

We have 3 options.

All include full battery pack health analysis, and were applicable SOH using our 2 EV stat-of-art EV and Hybrid dedicated diagnostic scan tools.

We are the only company currently in NZ who has taken the pre purchase inspection industry to levels never seen before, we only source the best products world-wide regardless of costs for your benefit… so for a truly mind-blowing inspection report look no further!

New energy EV-hybrids
Option 1 $165  EV/hybrid system only- test drive, HV battery etc
Option 2 $250 + $65 EV/hybrid- high voltage system, mechanical- ex interior
Option 3 $275 + $65 360 degree EV/hybrid all inclusive

EV OPTION 1 EV or Hybrid system only $165 Inspection just for battery/system only Includes (H.V stands for high voltage) EV/hybrid diagnostic scan using the world’s first EV scan tools.

  • Wof high voltage EV& Hybrid regulations
  • Wof brake testing during test drive
  • full EV or hybrid system check
  • H.V battery pack health report
  • depending on vehicle SOH in %
  • all reports of the hybrid system
  • Ev or hybrid system activation test-
  • of fan, inverter pump etc.
  • coolant concentration percentage
  • thermal imaging of heater system-
  • heated seats, rear demister etc.
  • video of actual tests carried out
  • H.V system coolant percentage test
  • where applicable discharge test
  • where applicable direct battery pack connect
  • hybrid or Ev fan filter checked
  • test driving including the following
  • of brake testing using certified digital brake testers
  • vehicle driving stability, tracking-
  • power and performance
  • Ev mode, regenerative charging
  • dash instrument cluster for gauge operating
  • boot structure, seals, tools, spare, inflation kit
  • 12v battery test
  • depending on the vehicle other items may be included
  • where applicable battery visual inspection- see link below

EV Option 2 $250 + $65 EV or Hybrid Mechanical inspection $250 excludes interior but boot structure, dash instrument cluster checked, includes all of EV option 1 for $65! you save $100, the full mechanical check includes

  • Wof items according to of regulations
  • Full diagnostic scan
  • all diagnostic reports, live data
  • reports on km authenticity where applicable
  • laser tyre and brake disc report with 100% accuracy
  • cylinder balance/contribution tests
  • where applicable relative compression test
  • full body structure 3D scan and report
  • cabin filter checked
  • under bonnet inspection
  • all fluids and levels checked
  • brake fluid for moisture
  • air condition pressure
  • drive belts if applicable
  • H.V cables for damage
  • engine air filter
  • spark plug
  • engine coolant percentage
  • engine oil level and condition
  • View inside oil filler cap (valve cover)
  • any smell, oil leaks (top area)
  • all hoses, plugs, wiring, brackets etc
  • headlight mounts, security
  • bonnet sound deadening
  • battery security
  • vehicle raised and all under vehicle inspected
  • plus, much more

EV Option 3 $275 + $65 360 full inspection, includes full interior for all EV and Hybrid vehicles, includes interior. 

Hybrid battery Pre purchase visual inspection

For most Toyota hybrid vehicles where applicable I will carry out a visual inspection of the hybrid battery pack, checking for corrosion and the module (cells) connections and advise of future maintenance.

Hybrid battery pack inspection adds approximately 30 minutes to our checks, removing seats, interior trim, covers, de-energizing hybrid system etc. 

Direct high voltage battery pack connection

We are the only mobile inspection company that can carry out high voltage pack back direct connection to further asses the battery pack, due to time and in some instances numerous interior components such as plastic covers, seats etc this test is limited.

We can carry the most advanced high voltage battery pack inspection in Nz using 1 or both of our state of the art Ev/Hybrid specific scan tools for true battery pack health analysis.

Toyota hybrid battery inspection

Nissan Leaf battery inspection

Mitsubishi Outlander battery inspection

hybrid pre purchase inspections

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NZ’s first EV and Hybrid diagnostic intelligent scan tool has landed, unlike dealership specific scan tools which are only compatible for that make, this new tool covers 95% of the worlds manufactures.    
The EV and Hybrid revolution has started in NZ with approximately another 100 models being released world wide in 2023!
Incar is proud to be the first Automotive company to take pre purchase inspections into the future with investment in the latest technology this year exceeding $43k! only the best for my clients!
High voltage battery analysis without removing battery, we offer this for free with all electric and hybrid vehicle inspections via OBD port!   
We are currently working with the best car yards in my opinion in Auckland testing electric and hybrid vehicles, testing popular makes and models regarding direct high voltage connection for further battery analysis, as different vehicles will require components being removed and will be time consuming so detailed prices to come!   
Isolation of high voltage battery pack required, being a mobile service environment an location must be safe and dry, safety PPE and procedures need to be adhered to as high voltage components can cause fatal shock, explosions or fire.      
Vehicle coverage- Toyota, Tesla, Audi, BMW, Honda, VW, Nissan, Lexus, Hyundai, Kia, Skoda, Great Wall, Ford, GM, Mini, Renault, Geely, Emgrand, plus 16 more manufactures. excludes micro/mild/IMA assist systems.