Pre Purchase Inspections- Qualified

29 years experience, NZQA qualified for yesterdays vehicles and tomorrows!


My work experience and qualifications

1994- Pre trade certificate in Automotive Engineering

1994-1995- Lake Road BP Hamilton

  • General mechanical repairs
  • 20-week block course (pre trade)

1995-2004 Morrin rd. Automotive all vehicles, Petrol and Diesel

  • NZQA qualified Level
  • Wof certified
  • All vehicle maintenance
  • Engine/transmission/gearbox rebuilds
  • Cars, vans, trucks
  • Vehicle modification- Mini coopers S, R32 Gtr’s, Mazda Rotaries

2004-2007 Incar Racing Sydney Australia

V8’s, GTR’s R32 R33 R34, Subarus, Rotaries, BMW’s, Mercs etc

  • Australia qualified in Automotive Engineering
  • extensive vehicle modifications in all areas
  • street/performance/drag/rail vehicle tuning
  • show car preparation
  • My work featured in numerous publications through Australia
  • Drag/race/rail vehicle chassis modifications
  • Cage fabrication
  • extensive high performance engine building
  • Dyno meter tuning/street turning
  • turbo/super charging
  • Pink slips (similar to wof’s here in NZ)
  • legal and illegal street racing $

2007-2008 Three Kings Automotive Auckland

  • general Automotive repairs and servicing

2008-2010 Incar Automotive 24hr mobile mechanic/inspections

  • Mobile mechanic/vehicle pre purchase inspections
  • Servicing, maintenance, engine/gearbox rebuilds
  • Contractor to Traffic systems servicing and maintaining fleet
  • Vans, Utes, heavy, median, light trucks, excavators

2010- Present Incar Automotive

  • 2023 NZQA level 5 electrical Automotive engineering
  • Mechanic maintaining long standing clients Ev’s, hybrids Petrol and Diesel vehicles
  • Focused on Pre purchase vehicle inspections for New Energy vehicles


Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

This service is a complete high-end and extremely detailed, easy-to-understand pre-purchase vehicle inspection service.

Pre-purchase car Inspections are carried out and prepared to exceed all customer requirements, to a level where clear decisions can be decided based on the report, and are highly respected if need be in NZ court of law.

For EVERY client either with no vehicle knowledge to the most discerning buyers who need the most stringent pre-purchase vehicle inspection currently offered in the industry! Today’s modern vehicles are extremely complex hence why inspections can not be completed in 15mins-1.5 hrs correctly with limited equipment without compromising critical areas.

Don’t stress if you have very limited car knowledge, i will summarise everything into an easy-to-read colour-coded summary with an open line for any discussions anytime, no problem at all.

Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid and Electric vehicles. All pre-purchase vehicle inspections include full Dealership level diagnostic scan reports (vehicles up to 2023) Picosope diagnostics for engine tests (used by 20 car manufacturers), relative compression tests (except Ev and some hybrids) cylinder balance tests, body examination report, road tests, brake tests using state-of-the-art tri-axis decelerometer, instrument cluster activation, km authenticity checks, ALL inspections are SAFETY checks, plus numerous other checks.

$1mil public liability cover + full cover for test driving and carrying out pre-purchase car inspections to $1mil, please advise sellers.

Ready to book?

Feel free to either call, text or email, I’ll need vehicle details, seller’s details and I’ll arrange it directly, it’s that simple!